ERPA Cosmetics

Vision Statement

ERPA aims to support the efforts in protecting the safety of the European individuals who use cosmetic products by promoting high standards of services and professional conduct among the European Responsible Persons.

Mission Statement

ERPA seeks to generate awareness of the European Responsible Person roles and obligations.
ERPA seeks to encourage high standard of professional conduct and competence among the European Responsible Persons.


ERPA’s main objectives are:
To create Good Working Practices guidelines of the European Responsible Person profession.
To be an active stakeholder in the regulatory and legislative decision making process affecting the European Responsible Person profession.

Code of conduct

All members of ERPA are committed to providing a high quality of service to their clients and maintaining high ethical standards. To this purpose, the following Code of Conduct has been established to be followed by the ERPA members.
ERPA members shall:

  1. Provide competent professional services to clients.
  2. Be incorporated as a legal person and assume all the legal responsibilities that this entails.
  3. Employ adequate and competent staff with expertise and knowledge of European legal and regulatory requirements concerning cosmetics.
  4. Refrain from and seek to avoid conflicts of interest of business or financial nature.
  5. Contract for sufficient liability insurance pertaining to Responsible Person activities, in order to protect their clients and themselves.
  6. Maintain good standards of confidentiality with regard to third parties.
  7. Warn clients of any actual or potential regulatory and legal violations that may result from their activities or plans.
  8. Seek and follow further education in areas relevant to Responsible Person as well as maintain awareness of relevant developments.
  9. Maintain good relationships with Competent Authorities, and be responsive to their enquiries.

Additionally, all members will jointly:

  1. Advocate the interests of the Responsible Persons and of their clients within the European Economic Area to the European Commission, authorities of the Member States and other interested parties.
  2. Contribute to the development of the image and activities of ERPA.