ERPA Cosmetics

Message from Chairman

ERPA, the European cosmetics Responsible Person Association was created by Obelis Responsible Person Center (Belgium) and Medical Device Safety Service (Germany) on January 18th 2011. The association is strategically located in the heart of Europe – Brussels, Belgium.

The vision of the association is to promote high standards of services and professionalism among the European Responsible Persons with the final aim of encouraging safe cosmetic products on the European market.

As such, ERPA gathers under the same roof the main compliance operators – Responsible Persons, Safety Assessors, REACh Only Representatives, Laboratories, GMP auditors and other associations. By bringing these professionals together, we strive to create a positive round table open for discussing, developing and promoting the fundamental aspects of having only safe cosmetic products on the European market.

Under the ERPA platform, we aim at creating working guidelines of the Responsible Person profession, in view of clarifying the roles and obligations entailed by this new profession as well as the roles and obligations of all the other compliance operators in this industry.

Mr. Gideon Elkayam

ERPA Chairman