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ERPA is the European Responsible Person Association. The association gathers the different compliance operators concerning cosmetics legislation in Europe (Responsible Persons, Safety Assessors, REACh ‘Only Representatives’, Laboratories, Associations), providing a platform for discussing, developing and promoting fundamental aspects concerning cosmetic products safety on the European market.

ERPA was founded on January 18th, 2011 by Obelis Responsible Person Center (Belgium) and Medical Device Safety Service (Germany). The association is strategically located in the heart of Europe – Brussels, Belgium.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@erpacosmetics.com or +32(0)2 736 10 80.

Our vision

ERPA aims to support the efforts in protecting the safety of the cosmetic products users in Europe by promoting high standards of services and professional conduct among the European Responsible Persons.

Our mission

  • ERPA seeks to generate awareness of the European Responsible Person roles and obligations.
  • ERPA seeks to encourage high standard of professional conduct and competence among the European Responsible Persons.
  • ERPA seeks to create guidelines of cooperation among the economic operators involved in the regulatory affairs of cosmetic products.

Our objectives

  • To create Good Working Practices guidelines of the European Responsible Person profession.
  • To be an active stakeholder in the regulatory and legislative decision making process affecting the European Responsible Person profession.
  • To create cooperation guidelines among the Responsible Person, Safety Assessor, Manufacturer and other economic operators.

ERPA members are companies located in the European Union involved in the compliancy with the European legislation of the cosmetics products commercialized on the European market. For the moment, the following categories are part of ERPA:

  • Professional Responsible Person = Entity appointed to be responsible of all safety aspects concerning a cosmetic product commercialized on the European market (art. 4, 1223/2009/EC)
  • Safety Assessors = Entity that fulfills specific educational and work experience requirements and completes the Safety Assessment report which is part of a product’s Product Information File (art. 10.2, 1223/2009/EC)
  • REACh ‘Only Representatives’ = Entity appointed to fulfill the obligations of importation of chemicals into Europe (Art. 8, 1907/2006/EC)
  • Laboratories = Entity running tests proofing the safety of cosmetic products.
  • Associations = Organizations that have activities related to cosmetic products’ legislation in Europe.

A list of our members is found here.

To become an ERPA member a company must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Be located in one of the European Union member states
  • Perform one or more of the following activities:
    • Act as a professional Responsible Person = being the Responsible Person for several cosmetic products’ manufacturers
    • Act as a Safety Assessor that can complete and sign Safety Assessment reports valid in Europe = fulfilling the requirements stated in art. 10, 1223/2009/EC (“a person in possession of a diploma or other evidence of formal qualifications awarded on completion of a university course of theoretical and practical study in pharmacy, toxicology, medicine or a similar discipline, or a course recognized or equivalent by a Member State”)
    • Act as an ‘Only Representative’ under REACh = being appointed by a non-EU manufacturer of substances which will be imported in the EU
    • Act as a Laboratory = run tests for cosmetic products compliancy with the European legislation e.g., Challenge Test, Stability Test, Compatibility Test
    • Be an association with activities related to cosmetic products’ legislation in the European Union.

To apply for ERPA membership, please complete the applicable membership questionnaire.

Becoming an ERPA member implies

  • Being part of a group of nationally and internationally recognized experts in cosmetic products legislation, manufacturing processes, formulation,…
  • Discussing, developing and promoting ideas, opinions on aspects concerning cosmetic products in Europe at national and international view
  • Learn about other compliance operators’ view and interpretation of the legislation on cosmetic products
  • Exchange and build knowledge and experience

Currently, ERPA offers 5 types of memberships depending on the type of activity concerning cosmetic products the company fulfills.

  • Professional Responsible Person
  • Safety Assessor
  • REACh ‘Only Representative’
  • Laboratory
  • Association

ERPA fees depend on the company’s number of employee and the type of membership.

Membership Type 3 or less employees 4-9 employees 10-29 employees 30-59 employees 60+ employees
Founder (one time fee) 1.600,00 €
Responsible Person 460,00 € 530,00 € 730,00 € 950,00 € 1.600,00 €
Safety Assessor / REACh  Only Representative 460,00 € 530,00 € 730,00 € 950,00 € 1.600,00 €
Laboratory 460,00 € 530,00 € 730,00 € 950,00 € 1600,00 €
International Association 1.300,00 €

An ERPA member should:

  • Attend ERPA assembly meetings, on average two per year
  • Be proactive in ERPA projects and help the association develop and promote its ideas and opinions
  • Complete the remittance of ERPA membership fees
  • Become member of one of ERPA’s internal working groups and be proactive within the group’s activities
  • Respect and follow ERPA’s core working rules presented in different documents (Code of Conduct, Internal Working Rules, Watchman statement…)