European Cosmetics Responsible Person Association

The 3rd International Congress on Regulations and Compliance in Cosmetics (CRCC 2018)

Following the success of the Congress in Prague in 2016 and in Berlin in 2017, this third Congress will also address areas of regulations and compliance in an exciting and informative manner. With world renowned speakers secured to present groundbreaking news, CRCC2018 will be a congress to be remembered & definitely not to be missed.

Topics to be covered, among others will be:

  • 5 Years of EU Regulation
  • Cosmetics Regulation and Other Laws
  • Technical Challenges related to Cosmetic Products
  • Tricks and Hints on Cosmetic Claims
  • Good Manufacturing Practices in Cosmetics
  • Nanotechnology in Cosmetics

Join the Congress and benefit from expanding your network. Meet new friends, greet old colleagues and discuss new insight gained.

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