European Cosmetics Responsible Person Association

ERPA creation

ERPA creation

On January 18th, 2011, the European Responsible Person Association (ERPA) was created by its two founder members.

The association was created with the main purpose of protecting the safety of the cosmetic products users in Europe by promoting high standards of professionalism of the Responsible Persons. As such, as a first step ERPA aims at creating awareness of the obligations, roles and responsibilities of the Responsible Person as per the European Legislation. Furthermore, we strive to achieve a standard of professionalism and competence that all Responsible Persons may use as a guidance in their profession.

To reach these goals as well as others, ERPA founders have created different types of memberships in the association. This structure permits the association to gather under the same umbrella different players of the industry keeping in the same time focused on its goals and aims in regards to the Responsible Person profession.

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